Ukraine April 2024

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) personnel in Ukraine are using Australian manufactured hand held reels
during operations.
Ruslyn Holdings has been supplying reels to Ukraine since the Russian invasion on the 22nd of February 2022.
Proud to be supporting Ukraine ground defence.

Pack Reel Pack Reel

Republic of Slovenia March 2024

A large shipment of Ruslyn Pack Reels has been sent to S-TMM Sistemi d.o.o. in the Republic of Slovenia.
S-TMM Sistemi d.o.o – Design and construction of RF systems to defense, security and industry.

Pack ReelPack ReelPack Reel

Hawaii February 2024

Pleased to visit Honolulu Bomb Squad. Last visit was pre covid in 2019.
Interesting discussions on usage of Ruslyn Cordwheel, Pack Reel and Hook & Line Reel.

Cordwheel, Pack Reel and Hook & Line Reel






2023 – An interesting year

The year 2023 was a most interesting year with supply of our Australian manufactured hand held reels to Italy, Sweden, USA, Canada, Japan, UK, France, NATO, Ukraine, Israel, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia and Australian users including Defence, Mining, Audio Video and many others. The reels supplied were the Cordwheel, Pack Reel and Hook & Line Reel.

Rivolier Securite Defense November 2022

Rivolier Securite Defense of France is latest addition to our list of European distributors.

Founded in 1830, Rivolier is a family-owned group with French capital. Originally a manufacturer of arms and cycles in Saint Etienne, it has evolved in its core business.
Today, as an equipment supplier to the armed forces, internal security forces and highly specialised forces, it offers solutions adapted to their various missions.
The Rivolier Group distributes to public administrations in France and in the context of government contracts for export.



VIPFISH OÜ – Estonia October 2022

Ruslyn Holdings has delivered a quantity of NATO Pack Reels number AUS004754RPR-85 NATO Stock Number (NSN) 8130/661596431 to VIPFISH OÜ – Estonia for use by the military.
VIPFISH OÜ is the distributor of our reels in Estonia.
We all hope that Estonia is staying safe with the onslaught on neighbour Ukrane by the invading Russians.

Estonia FlagEstonia Flag


BELSS Latvia September 2022

Ruslyn Holdings has delivered a quantity of black Cordwheels part number AUS004754-11 NATO Stock Number (NSN) 8130/661641770 to BELSS Latvia for use by one of their military clients.
This is the first delivery made to our Latvian distributor and hoping there will be many more.
BELSS contact details may be found on the distributor listing.



Pack Reel with Dyneema Cord June 2022

TETAC Inc USA is currently listing the NATO Ruslyn Pack Reel fitted with 300ft (91.4m) 1/8″ (3.2mm) Dyneema Cord.
These will be offered to the US DoD.


EOD UK Donation to Ukraine EOD May 2022

Our distributor EOD UK in the United Kingdom has donated equipment including Ruslyn Reels to Ukraine EOD.
Every little thing has got to help Ukrainian defend itself.

United Kingdom Pack Reel February 2022

Ruslyn Pack Reels part number AUS004754RPR-11 NATO Stock Number (NSN) 8130/661649356 being used in the UK to store/ deploy specialist cable harnesses.
Exported to our UK distributor EOD UK located at
Great to see Australian manufactured products such as these being used around the world.

Pack Reel

NSW Touch Football Association Australia November 2021

NSW Touch Football Association are going to be using the Ruslyn Cordwheel to deploy and retrieve their new field boundary ropes.
These reels and ropes will be seen at the upcoming 2021 State Cup Tournament Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th of December 2021.

BELSS Latvia distributor November 2021

Proudly announcing BELSS Latvia has been appointed as a distributor of Ruslyn Holdings products in Europe.

BELSS is a wide-profile company, the largest defense communications integrator in Latvia, which has been operating since 1994. For more than twenty-five years, it has been providing innovative solutions to its customers, offering a full range of services from simple consulting to complex technical projects provided by specialists in their field. Belss is able to provide a wide range of engineering telecommunications solutions and services, satellite communications, design and construction of buildings and civil engineering works for both the military and civilian.BELSS works with top-level manufacturers from all over the world to ensure quality service. An individual approach is dedicated to each client and the most appropriate solution is selected. Belss is a member of such organizations as the Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Latvian Telecommunications Association. BELSS is the official representative of Motorola Solutions in Latvia with a Platinum certificate of Authorization. BELSS operation is certified according to AQAP 2110 and ISO 9001 standards.

Cordwheel - green/blackCordwheel - blackCordwheel - yellow/red
Pack Reel - beige/greenPack Reel - blackHook & Line Reel


Hytec Inter Co., Ltd – Japan distributor September 2021




Proudly announcing Hytec Inter Co., Ltd Japan has been appointed as a Ruslyn Holdings Japanese distributor.
Founded in 1998, Hytec Inter Co., Ltd. has imported, developed, and distributed industrial communications and networking equipment to customers in key vertical markets such as Japanese government and defense agencies, transportation, social infrastructure, large scale industrial campus plants, energy and power utilities. Supported by a professional technical support network, Hytec Inter Co., Ltd has developed strong relationships to deliver premium solutions time and again.

Pack Reel fielded to US port security dive teams September 2021

The Ruslyn Pack Reel is currently fielding to US port security dive teams to support Hazardous Device Search missions.
Proudly supplied by US Distributor TETAC Inc.

Export to Poland June 2021

On June 24th 2021 a shipment of NATO Pack Reels was sent to Dark Systems in Warsaw Poland.
Dark Systems is a supplier of defence equipment to the Polish military.

NATO Pack Reel NATO Pack ReelNATO Pack Reel

Website Hosting by Supportsoft Technologies December 2020

Ruslyn Holdings has a new website host by Supportsoft Technologies here in Sydney.
Supportsoft did a great job at reasonable cost to upgrade the Cordwheel site to the latest WordPress and re-host the website.
We would recommend Supportsoft Technologies to any company that wishes to improve their on-line image.

Cordwheel Pack Reel Hook & Line ReelCordwheel Website

Supply of Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel to NZDF January 2021

A supply of a the Ruslyn NATO Hook & Line Reel NSN 8130/66-164-1146 part number AUS004754RHLR-11 has been completed to the NZDF. The supply was completed by our NZ distributors IntelCom Services who can be located at

Hook & Line Reel

Export to Republic of Korea January 2021

On 20/02/2021 DAS Systems LTD in the Republic of Korea, purchased a shipment of NATO Pack Reels NSN 8130/66-159-6431 part number AUS004754RPR-85 for supply to the South Korea military.
This is the first supply of Ruslyn Reels to the Republic of Korea and hopefully many more to come.

Pack ReelPack Reel

Black Ruslyn Pack Reel NATO Codified September 2020

In September 2020 the black Pack Reel part number AUS004754RPR-11 was NATO Codified and given NATO stock number (NSN) 8130/66-164-9356 and user listed as ZE New Zealand.
The black Pack Reel has been in service since November 2018, used world wide and now codified with NATO stock number 8130/66-164-9356.
Pack Reel

“Australian Made” Product Evaluation – September 2020

The Ruslyn Cordwheel®, Pack Reel® and Hook & Line Reel® have been assessed by the “Australian Made” Committee as being manufactured in Australia using Australian components and assembled here in Australia.
Ruslyn Holdings is now authorised to use the “Australian Made” logo on all literature and the web.
Products may be viewed at:–line-reel

Ruslyn Holdings Australia Made Ruslyn Holdings Australian Made


Hook & Line Reel Evaluation – US National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) August 2020

The Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel has been evaluated by the NTOA and has been given a silver status by testing personal:

Tested by a member from Florida
Design 4.5
Performance 4.5
Ease of Use 4.5
Size 4
Quality 5
Durability 4
Storage 4
Versatility 4.5
Convenience 4.5
Application 4.5
Comfort 4
Accuracy 4.5
Cleaning & Maintenance 4
Individual Score 4.35
The Ruslyn Hook and Line Reel measures 9.5 inches tall, 6 inches wide and 4 inches thick. It is constructed of ABS plastic and is very lightweight. I initially filled it with 100 feet of 550 cord but there was still plenty of room so I added another 100 feet which fit perfectly without any issues. I then stripped the reel of the cord and loaded 300 feet of duplex 20 gauge firing wire onto the reel. The wire fit perfect. This reel is very versatile. The reel has a small handle you turn to wind the spool. It also has a center ring on the spool that turns to set the drag so that the cord or wire does not free spin and tangle. On the bottom of the reel is a guide to keep the cord or wire centered on the spool as you wind it back up. I have dropped the reel from a height of over 6 feet dozens of times, stood on it (i weigh 205 on a light day), thrown it against the wall and submerged it in water. There are a few small scuffs and slight gouges, but it still works great. The ABS plastic takes a beating and maintains its shape very well. I did not find any issues or limitations with this reel. I have used it during a Hook and Line training day with 550 cord and operationally to initiate a poof bag to dispose of gunpowder with firing wire. It worked great in both applications and is overall a very solid product.


Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel® now in production December 2019

The new Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel® has just been introduced to the worldwide EOD market. Samples have been sent to NZ, UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Estonia and South Africa.

This new hook & line reel is a very high quality rugged and lightweight reel holding up to 80m (262ft) of 3mm Dyneema cord. Empty weight is 390 grams (0.86 lb). The Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel® is fitted with an adjustable clutch to control cord tension and prevent over-run and tangles.

Part number AUS004754RHLR-11 is colour black and NATO Codified (NSN) 8130/66-164-1146

Shipped in 20 reel cartons with a total weight of 10kg.

RUSLYN Hook & Line Reel

Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel Tooling July 2019

The tooling for injection molding of the Ruslyn Hook and Line Reel is progressing well and should be completed ready for production in August 2019. This lightweight hook & line reel will be exported world wide for use in EOD.
Orders have already been received from the FBI in the United States and military orders from the United Kingdom. An adjustable tensioner clutch has now been incorporated into the center axle of the reel. This will stop overrun and tangling of the cord.
The Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel will be supplied blank with no cord as each user will have their own preferred cord.
Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel

Icar Distribuciones Ferreteras (IDF) Madrid Spain March 2019

Ruslyn Holdings has just completed a shipment of NATO Pack Reels NSN 8130/66-159-6431
to Icar Distribuciones Ferreteras (IDF) in Madrid Spain.
IDF are suppliers of equipment to the security forces of the Spanish State.
Pack ReelPack Reel

Milipol Paris November 2017

small reel

All Securit exhibited the Ruslyn Pack Reel at the 2017 Milipol in Paris. All Securit is the distributor of the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel and a supplier of equipment to defence and homeland security in Switzerland and France.

T +41 21 653 83 10   M +41 79 431 25 20


South Africa shipment of Pack Reels November 2017

1st shipment of NATO Pack Reels NSN 8130/661596431 in November 2017 to our South African Distributor Northwest Explosive Technologies. Hopefully many more to come.

small reel

Cell:+27 (0) 82 311 5974

DSEI September 2017

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) is the world leading event that brings together the global defence and security sector to innovate and share knowledge.
DSEI represents the entire supply chain on an unrivaled scale.
The Australian manufactured Ruslyn Pack Reel NSN 8130/661596431 is shown here proudly exhibited at DSEI 2017. It is fitted with firing cable and was supplied to the exhibitor by EOD UK.
EOD UK can be contacted at

small reelsmall reelsmall reel

Development of the Ruslyn H&L Reel July 2017

On request from defence the lightweight Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel has been developed to replace the heavy metal reel
currently in service.
The new reel is 150mm in diameter with a weight of 350 grams. It is rugged and ergonomic and has been NATO codified
NSN 8130-66-164-1146. Capacity is 65m of 3mm Dyneema rope.
The Ruslyn H&L Reel is manufactured in Australia, IP registered and currently being evaluated by Australian, US and
UK defence Forces.

hook & line reelhook & line reel hook & line reel

Vipfish OÜ Estonia to supply Latvian Defense May 2017

Vipfish OÜ is the Estonian distributor of the Australian manufactured Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel



Vipfish OÜ Estonia is a defense supplier to Latvian Defense and other defense organizations in the Baltic. Recently Vipfish OÜ received an order from Latvia Defense for firing cables fitted to the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel, proudly manufactured in Australia.



NATO March 2017

NATO delivered and demonstrated 160 sets of counter-IED equipment to Iraq’s Ministry of Interior on Sunday (26 March 2017). Financed by NATO’s Defence Capacity Building Trust Fund, the equipment is an important contribution to Iraq’s efforts to fight terrorism and protect civilians. Speaking at a meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers on Friday (31 March), Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed the delivery, saying “one of our best tools in the fight against terrorism is training local forces… this equipment will help save lives.”
This kit includes 2 Ruslyn Pack Reels NSN 8130/661596431

At Iraq’s request, NATO agreed in July 2015 to provide defence capacity building support in a number of areas, including countering improvised explosive devices, explosive ordnance disposal and demining, security sector reform, military medicine and civil military planning.

In 2016, NATO trained over 350 Iraqi officers in Jordan, and at the Warsaw Summit in July 2016, Allies agreed to expand this training into Iraq itself. Since January 2017, NATO advisers have been working in the country, overseeing training activities and working with the Iraqi authorities to reform their security institutions. NATO’s presence in Iraq includes a core team and mobile training teams.

NATO and IRAQ 2017

NATO recently delivered 1000 sets of firing cable which were supplied on the Australian manufactured Ruslyn Pack Reel.
Ruslyn Holdings is proud to be part of this supply.

NATO small reelNATO small reelNATO small reel





NATO small reel

Ruslyn Pack Reel in operation in Iraq – supplied by EOD UK

The Cunningham “Chironomid” January 2017

Cunningham Boats located in Pincher Creek Alberta Canada has just released the Cunningham Chironomid, a fly fishing trimaran with a central canoe hull designed for stability and comfort. This unique lightweight boat incorporates 2 Ruslyn Pack Reels as the anchor reel system.
The Founder Joe Cunningham has tested this boat under all conditions where it has proven to be a very stable and safe water craft. Cunningham Boats can be contacted at:
Pincher Creek, AB,CA
(403) 627-9865

cunnngham-boat-2cunningham-boatpack reel











Summer Edition NTOA The Tactical Edge

The United States National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) summer edition of The Tactical Edge publishes the testing results for the Ruslyn Pack Reel on page 72 which is a good review with a score of 4
The NTOA Member Tested & Recommended Program is a valuable program highlighting equipment available to law enforcement in the USA.


small reelsmall reel

Exports – October 2016

October 2016 has been a very busy month with export supply of Cordwheels and Pack Reels to New Zealand, Britain, Germany, Hungary and Israel. Most to defence related usage.

cord wheelcord wheelsmall reelsmall reel

US Public Safety Diver July 2016

A recent image of a United States public safety diver using the Ruslyn Pack Reel in underwater training. The Pack Reel is used to deploy hook and line, det cord, firing cable, paracord, communication cables, wire and rope.

small reel

The Pack Reel is distributed in the United States by TETAC Incorporated.

small reel

Tel: +1 855 838 2246

small reelsmall reel

small reel Clearance-DiversTangled-Army-Guy-sml


US Navy Underwater Kits – January 2016

TETAC Inc is the USA Distributor of the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel.
As a supplier to the US Navy, TETAC has produced a unique underwater kit which incorporates both the Cordwheel and Pack Reel.

Clearance Diving

US Navy Underwater kit

Clearance Diving

Clearance Diving

Clearance Diving





Clearance Diving
Clearance Diving


Milipol Paris – November 2015

All Securit of Switzerland has exhibited the Ruslyn Pack Reel at this years Milipol Exhibition in Paris November 17 – 20
Milipol Paris presents in a single exhibition, the know-how and innovations of every theme related to internal State security.
Ruslyn Holdings is proud to be represented by All Securit in France and Switzerland.

small reel small reel
cord wheel

small reelsmall reelsmall reel


All Securit Switzerland – October 2015

We are proud to announce that All Securit of Switzerland is our latest distributor of the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel.
All Securit is a supplier of specialized equipment to Defence and Law Enforcement to both Switzerland and France.

cord wheel
cord wheelsmall reelsmall reelsmall reel

DSEI London – September 2015

Our distributor in the UK exhibited the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel at the 2015 Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 15 – 18 September 2015.
EOD UK together with Guartel Technologies is a supplier of defence equipment to the UK Ministary of Defence (MOD). EOD UK have been supplying the Cord Wheel and Pack Reel to various areas within UK military for a number of years.

cord wheel


cord wheelsmall reel

Vipfish OÜ – September 2015

Our shipment of Ruslyn Cordwheel® and Ruslyn Pack Reel® has just been received by Vipfish OÜ in Tallinn Estonia

Vipfish OÜ specializes in the supply of special equipment and materials for the Defense, Police and Rescue Board in Estonia.
Vipfish OÜ are offering Ruslyn Cordwheel® and Ruslyn Pack Reel® as the best solution for cable management to their clients. Vipfish OÜ may be contacted at:
telephone number +372 5309 7201

cord wheelsmall reelsmall reelsmall reel


EOD Global Conference Washington DC – July 2015

TETAC Incorporated are the US Cordwheel and Pack Reel distributors for Ruslyn Holdings Australia and are attending the 2015 EOD Global Conference in Washington DC in late July. TETAC will be meeting many existing and prospective uses of both the Cordwheel and Pack Reel and demonstating the unique products that they supply to the EOD/CIED community.cord wheel



small reelsmall reel


cord wheelcord wheelsmall reelsmall reel


Honolulu Police Department Bomb Squad May 14, 2015

On our recent visit to the island of Oharu in Hawaii we met with the Honolulu Bomb Squad team to introduce the Ruslyn Pack Reel. They were unaware of the article written in the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) winter edition of The On Target magazine and were going to obtain a copy. The team were impressed with our small reel and we left them with a sample of the NATO Pack Reel and black Pack Reel. We were invited to visit them when next in Hawaii.
HPD-Bomb-SquadCammo hand PR smlblack-PR-sml

US Marine Corps Base Hawaii EOD – May 2015

On the 12th May 2015 we once again visited the EOD personnel at the US Marine Corps Base Kaneohe Bay to discuss the Ruslyn Pack Reel and its uses within EOD and dive teams. It was great to see the guys and leave them with some “reeling in the world” caps and a NATO Pack Reel. We also left them a catalog from CTS in Montreal and TETAC out of San Diego. Both are valued distributors of the Cordwheel and Pack Reel. The EOD team are currently evaluating the world renowned CTS Disrupter System. They were very interested to hear that TETAC has recently supplied the Cordwheel and Pack Reel to US Navy dive teams.
EOD small reel small reel small reel cord wheel

Samples sent to Vipfish OÜ – Tallinn, Estonia – April 2015

Vipfish OÜ is an Estonian supplier of military equipment. The company is currently working on a tender to supply firing cable and is looking to incorporate the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack reel in the tender.
A sample of both the NATO Cordwheel (NSN) 8130/661533558 and NATO Pack Reel (NSN) 8130/661596431 have been shipped to Estonia for evaluation.
cord reelsmall reelsmall reel

The Tactical Edge – Winter Edition – February 2015. US National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA).

We have an advertisement on page 20 of the winter edition of The Tactical Edge magazine produced by the US National Tactical Operations Group (NTOA).
The advert is in the form of an article describing how the Ruslyn Pack Reel was developed and put into military service in 2011. The Ruslyn Pack Reel was tested and approved by the NTOA in 2014 and is now a recommended product for use in law enforcement.
small reelpack reelsmall reel

Visiting Boston Police Special Operations Division – November 2014

Met with two Officers of the Boston Special Operations Division (SWAT) on November 28, 2014 to demonstrate the Ruslyn Pack Reel which is being introduced to the US Special Operations community by the NTOA in the winter edition of The Tactical Edge publication.
I would like to thank the Boston Special Operations Division for their kind hospitality and wish them all a safe and rewarding 2015.
EOD small reelEOD small reelsmall reelmini reelsmall reel

Visiting Niagara Regional Police Service – November 2014

We met with two senior Police Officers from the Emergency Task Unit, Explosive Disposal Unit, to discuss and demonstate the functions of the Ruslyn Pack Reel. The department was impressed with the concept of this small reel and were going to speak with their supplier CTS in Montreal.
This visit to the Niagara Police Department was very memorable and enjoyable. We wish them all the best for 2015.

cord reel small reelmini reel

Visiting S4 Tactical & Defence Quebec City – November 2014

Unfortunately after a long return bus trip from Montreal to Quebec City S4 Tactical & Defence was a no show after a pre arranged meeting?
They are now being reviewed as a suitable distributor for the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel. We have many distributors around the world and we are very proud of our relationships.
cord reelsmall reelmini reel

Visiting CTS Montreal Canada – November 2014

cord reel

Sales and Marketing Dept. Tel: +1 450.641.5119 x 5705

On November 20th 2014 we visited our Canadian friends and distributors at CTS in Montreal.
CTS are worldwide suppliers of IED and unexploded ordnance disrupters and are leaders in the industry. CTS proudly uses the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel in their disrupter kits.

cord reelcord reel


small reel small reel





Visiting TETAC Inc. San Diego – November 2014

pack reel

Email: Tel (855)838-2246

On the 17th and 18th of November 2014 we met with Mark Benson of TETAC Inc to discuss marketing of the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel to U.S Defense, Homeland Security and Law Enforcement. An advertisement is being published in the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) quarterly magazine The Tactical Edge in February 2015. TETAC and Ruslyn Holdings are looking forward to this event as the Pack Reel is now an approved NTOA product.
The Pack Reel is used in Australia by the Australian Federal Police as well as State Law Enforcement.
mini reelsmall reelpack reel

Land Forces – Brisbane Australia – September 2014

Ruslyn Holdings attended Land Forces Brisbane Australia on September 22 – 25 and exhibited the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel with our distributor XTEK Limited.
XTEK had a large stand exhibiting products from numerous suppliers and many very interesting people including users of the Cordwheel and Pack Reel visited the stand . Our Canadian distributor CTS also attended and displayed their EOD products. It was a pleasure meeting the CEO of CTS after so many years of working together.
All in all it was a most successful expo.

cord wheel
The busy XTEK stand at Land Forces 2014 Brisbane Australia
cord wheel
SIG SAUER was a very popular exhibitor on the XTEK stand
pack reel
CTS CEO Marin Tanase came all the way from Canada to exhibit their EOD disrupter. One of many products CTS manufactures. The Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel are visible in the background
cord wheel
Some of the XTEK team members demonstrating products on the stand
pack reel
End of a long tiring day. Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel on display

USA National Tactical Officers Association – June 2014

The United States National Tactical Officers Association has successfully completed field testing of the Ruslyn Pack Reel and it is now recommended as an approved product.
The Ruslyn Pack Reel is recommended by NTOA for use with hook and line cord, firing cable, detonator cord, paracord, comm lines and throw phone cable.







The Ruslyn Pack Reel is distributed in the United States by TETAC Incorporated

TETAC Incorporated is a disabled, veteran owned small business. TETAC consists of experienced engineers and explosive experts, who together, work to develop tools, tactics, and materials that increase the performance and safety of first responders and military personnel. TETAC has waterfront training facilities located in San Diego, CA. Manufacturing and engineering facilities are located in San Diego, CA and Oakland, CA.
Tel: +1 855 838 2246

cord reel

NATO-PR-smlblack-PR-smlCammo hand PR sml


EMEX New Zealand 31st May 2014

Our New Zealand distributors InTELCOM exhibited at the Engineering, Machinery and Electronics Exhibition (EMEX) May 31st – June 2nd at the ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane, Auckland.
InTELCOM displayed both the Cordwheel and the Pack Reel at this Expo.
InTELCOM Services Ltd has been supplying a range of RF and tactical solutions to New Zealand Defence, Govt, Telcos and the Broadcasting sector since 1960. They have strong ties with Defence and other key Govt agencies supplying a range of specialist equipment. InTELCOM offer a local marketing, sales, installation, manufacturing, repair and technical support in New Zealand with a proven track record. They also have a full cable manufacturing and repair capability up to 30GHz. Tel: +64 4 586 1212
cord reel










black-PR-smlfluro-green-PRStreamlineNATO-PR-smlCammo hand PR sml





GSA Schedule March 2014

The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the United States Government, established in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. The GSA supplies products and communications for U.S. government offices, provides transportation and office space to federal employees, and develops government-wide cost-minimizing policies, and other management tasks.

TETAC Incorporated located in San Diego California has applied to have the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel listed on the GSA Schedule. Once listed, the GSA Schedule will enable purchasing of the Cordwheel (cord reel) and Pack Reel (small reel) by government departments including the DoD, an easy process.
TETAC are currently meeting in Virginia with the EOD Equipment Review Board. The board consists of all 4 branches located at NAVTECHDIV. The Cordwheel and Pack Reel will be demonstrated to the Equipment Review Board. The Cordwheel (cord reel) will be demonstrated as a rugged hand held reel which can handle and store many types of cables, rope and wire. The cord reel will also be demonstrated as a large tactical pull line reel. This reel was developed in Australia to meet requirements of the Australian Defence Force and is used by Army, Navy and Air Force. The green cord reel is NATO codified NSN 8130/661533558. The black cord reel is used in AV and deep clearance diving. The yellow cord reel is used in any area where high visibility of equipment is required.
cord reelcord reelcord reel







The Pack Reel (small reel) is being demonstrated to the Equipment Review Board as a hand held lightweight rugged mini reel developed for the dismounted soldier. This small reel was developed in Australia to meet requirements for EOD/CIED, search, combat engineers, clearance divers and sigs. As a mini hand held reel it is currently used worldwide by Army, Navy and Air Force. The Pack Reel is used as a hook & line small reel in medium tactical pull line kits, as a detonator cord small reel, a firing cable small reel, a small rope reel and signals cable small reel.
Small ReelMini Reel





TETAC Incorporated may be contacted at:
2726 Shelter Island Drive,
#132 San Diego, CA 92106
Tel (855) 838-2246
TETAC Incorporated Cordwheel and Pack Reel product information

MCBH Visit February 2014

Mini Reel

NATO Pack Reel

Small Reel

Black Pack Reel







Visited the EOD team at US Marine Corps Base Hawaii to demonstrate the Ruslyn Pack Reel.
This mini EOD reel is used worldwide by EOD, search, combat engineers, special forces and clearance divers as a hook & line small reel, det cord small reel, firing cable small reel and many other uses where small lengths of coil able products are used.


EOD UK NATO Cordwheel shipment

cord reel

Ruslyn Cordwheel
NATO stock number (NSN)

EOD United Kingdom have a shipment of NATO Cord reels on order to supply the MOD. This shipment is traveling by sea freight and should arrive in the UK early March.
EOD UK supply both the Cordwheel and Pack Reel to EOD and CIED units within British Army, Navy and Air Force. The Cord reel is used as a comms reel, firing cable reel, det cord reel, rope reel and power supply cable reel. The Pack Reel is used as an army engineers small reel, search mini reel, EOD small reel, sigs small reel and as a clearance divers mini reel. This small reel is used for handling det cord, firing cable, hook and line as well as a small anchor rope reel.

small reel

Ruslyn Pack Reel
NATO stock number (NSN)


TETAC Inc USA Cordwheel Shipment

cord reel
Ruslyn Cordwheel

TETAC Inc USA have a large shipment of black Ruslyn Cordwheel AUD004754-11 on the way to San Diego to supply their military and industrial clients.

TETAC Inc being Ruslyn Holdings USA distributor supply the cord reel to EOD/CIED, Army, Navy, USMC, Air Force and clearance divers. TETAC Inc have also been successful in supplying the black cord reel to the audio visual industry in Hollywood.

As well as military supply, TETAC Inc are also promoting the Ruslyn Pack Reel to the US kayak fishing industry. This small reel is absolutely ideal for use as a kayak small anchor rope reel to increase the safety of kayak fishermen who have a constant safety problem with tangled kayak anchor rope when their kayak accidentally turns over.

small reel

Ruslyn Pack Reel

cord reel

USA cord reel and small reel distributors

TETAC Inc USA may be contacted at
Tel: +1 855 838 2246

United Kingdom Distributor

An introduction to our United Kingdom distributor – EOD UK

cord reelsmall reel

EOD UK recently joined our worldwide distributor network to promote the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel.
EOD UK specialises in explosive ordnance disposal, counter terrorist,  search, improvised explosive device disposal, maritime, aviation and venue security.
The EOD UK client base includes non-government organisations, military, media, manufacturing companies, commercial EOD companies, security companies, the financial sector and facilities management companies.
For further information contact Cliff Wright Director EOD UK Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 1634 581525

cord reel


Thinlight Sweden – Distributor

ThinLight Sweden AB are now distributors of the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel.
ThinLight are using the cordwheel and small reel in their portable LED cable lighting kits. ThinLight will also be promoting the cordwheel and small reel in Sweden and Norway for use by defence, homeland security, emergency services and industry. The cordwheel will be promoted at a cable reel, AV reel, rope reel, barrier tape reel, wire reel and hose reel. The small reel will be promoted as a hook & line reel, det cord reel, firing cable reel, sigs reel, AV reel, rope reel and wire reel. Ruslyn Holdings are hoping for much to come from a partnership with Thinlight throughout Sweden, Noway and the rest of Europe.

cord reelsmall reelcord reelcord reelsmall reel

ThinLight Sweden








ThinLight Sweden are developing a portable ThinLight system incorporating the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel.
The cord wheel will be used for longer lengths of the illuminated ThinLight cable and the mini reel for shorter lengths of ThinLight cable.

DSEI 2013

Ruslyn Cordwheel & Ruslyn Pack ReelRuslyn Cordwheel & Ruslyn Pack Reel










The Cordwheel and Pack Reel were exhibited at the DSEI 2013 Exposition in London by Distributors EOD UK. Both reels were displayed showing their usage as CIED reels and EOD reels. The Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel are used in CIED and EOD as Hook & Line reels, det cord reels, firing cable reels and communication cable reels. It will be interesting to see follow up by CIED and EOD Personnel post DSEI.


TETAC Inc who are the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel distributors in the USA are about to send out their yearly mailer catalogue. The Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel will be included this year.

small reel

Clump Line

small reel

Single Pack Reel Kit

cord reel

Underwater Search Kit








The TETAC Vertical Clump Line Kit provides divers a vertical reference in the water column. May be used as a lost diver buoy, vertical robotic search line (column search), or as a ordnance reference buoy.

The TETAC Underwater Search Kit (Jack Stay Kit) provides all the tools necessary to conduct diver or robotic underwater Jack Stay search operations.


No More Tangles

An article written in Maintenance News by Land Systems Division, Land Engineering Agency, Defence Materiel Agency (DMO) December 2012

Ruslyn NATO Pack ReelRuslyn NATO Pack ReelFor a number of years combat personnel have been
struggling with organising hook and line, cords
and cables. Soldiers had been using hand held fishing reels, tent pegs and pieces of wood. Ruslyn Holdings have been supplying the Cordwheel, NIN 66-153-3558 (see Figure 1) to the Australian Defence Force since 2006 and although suitable for its intended purpose, it is too large to be carried by the dismounted soldier. In identifying the requirement for a person pack reel, Defence now has a rugged and lightweight mini reel (see Figure 2) that overcomes those combat problems with carrying cords and cables. Primarily designed to meet the requirements of combat engineers, EOD, RASigs and clearance divers, the pack reel is chemical, impact and fire resistant, has no metallic components, is easy to operate, (even when wearing gloves) and can be used in all climatic/environmental conditions. During the initial trials this year, users were very exited with the many applications of the Ruslyn Pack Reel and with this positive responce Trunk Systems  Batteries and Chargers (TSBC) has now introduced into service the Ruslyn Pack Reel, NIN 66-159-6431. The Ruslyn Pack Reel is suitable for carrying:

  • DON-10 (WD-1A/TT)150 m
  • ROPE (10 mm)14 m
  • Hook & Line (3.5 mm)112 m
  • Detonator Cord 38 m


  •  Size: 230 mm (diameter) x 62 mm (width)
  • Weight: 375 gm (empty)

Further in formation is available on the Pack Reel page or the Australian Defence Force Logistics Manager

Australian Bomb Data Centre Conference in Sydney

Ruslyn Cordwheel & Ruslyn Pack Reel December 2012 Exhibited with our distributor XTEK at the Australian Bomb Data Centre Conference in Sydney.

Much interest was shown by overseas visitors in the Ruslyn Pack Reel and Ruslyn Cordwheel which are used together as hand held reels with IED disposal and detection equipment. Both these reels are used as hook & line reels as well as det cord reels and firing cable reels. The Ruslyn Pack Reel is a particularly useful mini reel for EOD personnel when a small EOD reel is required
Further information available on the Product Uses page

Australian Bomb Data Centre Conference
Further information available on uses page

SecureTech Conference and Tradeshow – Ottawa Canada

EOD cord reel 2012. SecureTech Conference and Tradeshow – Ottawa Canada SecureTech 2012, a two day public safety and security omnibus Conference and Exhibit, organized by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) held on October 30-31 2012, in conjunction with a major 20,000 square foot exhibit at the new Ottawa Convention Centre. SecureTech 2012 focused on three nations Canada, the UK and the US that share the majority of the same security and public safety concerns.

Ruslyn Holdings was represented by S4 Tactical and Defence who are distributing the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel in Canada. The Pack Reel and Cord Reel were displayed showing capabilities as a hook & line reel, firing cable reel, det cord reel, comms cable reel and rope reel to Defense and Security.

EOD cord reel

Further information available at Uses page and Pack Reel page

Australian Land Warfare Conference in Melbourne

Ruslyn Cordwheel & Ruslyn Pack reelOctober / November 2012. Attended the Australian Land Warfare Conference in Melbourne where our Distributors Xtek Ltd exhibited the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel in both NATO colours and black. Much interest was shown by end users looking for a quality hand held cable reel such as the Cordwheel and a mini reel such as the Pack Reel.
Further information available on Uses page

Australian Land Warfare Conference in Melbourne

Victoria Police

Ruslyn CordwheelAugust 2012. Shipment of black Cordwheel as well as Ruslyn Pack Reel NSN 8130/661596431 to Victoria Police for use in EOD.

Shipment of Ruslyn Cordwheel NSN 8130/661533558 to Australian Department of Defence for use by Army, Navy and Air Force.

Export shipment of Ruslyn Cordwheel NSN 8130/661533558 to SELEX Galileo in the United Kingdom for use in a defence project.

Export shipment of black Cordwheel to Lithuania for use in the Audio Video industry.
More information available on Uses page

Australian Department of Defence

Ruslyn NATO Pack Reel July 2012. Shipment of Ruslyn Cordwheel NSN 8130/661533558 to Australian Department of Defence for use by Army, Navy and Air Force.

Export shipment of Ruslyn Pack Reel NSN 8130/661596433 to SELEX Galileo in the United Kingdom for use in a defence project.

Export shipment of Ruslyn Pack Reel NSN 8130/661596431 to United States Air Force EOD.

The Ruslyn Pack Reel NSN 8130/661596431 which is a small and lightweight reel is proving of great interest to the United States Military.
Further information available on the Defence page

Ruslyn Pack Reels for deployment of Kayak anchor rope

Kayak Anchor Reel May 2012. Exported a shipment of Ruslyn Pack Reels to Ohio USA for deployment of Kayak anchor rope. This small cable reel is invaluable in the safe handling of Kayak anchor rope.

Exported a shipment of Ruslyn Pack Reels to the New Zealand Defence Force. NZDF will be using this mini reel to assist defence personnel with the handling of hook and line, detonator cord, shock tube, firing cable and comms cable. Ruslyn Holdings is proud to be assisting the NZDF with this small line reel.

Supplied another shipment of Ruslyn Cordwheels to SES Victoria who use these reels for deployment of cables and ropes throughout the state.

High Tech / Small / Military Grade Anchor Rope Cord Reel – Ideal for Kayaks!

Kayak Anchor Reel March 2012. The following article has been written in the Austin Bass Fishing on-line forum in the USA:

High Tech / Small / Military Grade Anchor Rope Cord Reel – Ideal for Kayaks!
I’ve finally found the ultimate anchor rope management cord wheel. Anchor rope management is a big problem for me and I have a Ranger Z19 bass boat. I’ve started fishing more open water, and anchor frequently when I find a hump or other structure that is holding fish. I hate having anchor rope all over the front deck, particularly when I am fishing or burning across the water at high speeds. It’s quite dangerous and a big hassle!
I’ve scoured the Internet looking for a small reel that is durable, and just haven’t been able to find anything. About six months ago, I found this company in Australia called Ruslyn Holdings that was creating a small cord wheel for military combat engineers, search
and rescue, special operations, etc.
This particular reel called the Ruslyn Pack Reel just came out of beta, and is now patented and being distributed in cases of 25 reels
to military organizations. I begged the Ruslyn CEO to sell me one reel, but he wouldn’t do it. But I kept begging him…
Finally he agreed to sell me 3 reels, which I received a few days ago. These things are awesome!

Police Department in Indiana USA

Ruslyn Pack ReelOctober 2011. We have received our first overseas order for the Ruslyn Pack Reel® from a Police Department in Indiana USA.
This Police Department will be using the Pack Reel® in their SWAT Team as a mini hook & line, firing cable mini reel, det cord mini reel and signals cable mini reel. Tool machining is on schedule and production of the Pack Reel® will commence within 3 weeks.
Another shipment of the Ruslyn Cordwheel® has just been delivered to the Australian Defence Department for distribution to Army, navy and Air Force where it is used for multiple purposes.
Further in formation is available at Uses page and Pack Reel page


Export sale to Mechron Power Systems Canada

Cordwheel for Energy IndustrySeptember 2011. Another export sale to Mechron Power Systems Canada.
Mechron Power Systems supplies the NATO Ruslyn Cordwheel 8130/661533558 to their defense clients and are a very large international supplier of electrical equipment to industry and the military.
Mechron can be found at
Further information at Uses page

Tooling for the Ruslyn Pack Reel AUS004754RPR-85 is progressing well and expected production is scheduled to commence by the end of October. There are many potential uses around the world waiting on this innovative mini hand held reeling device. Colours have been finalized with Army and will be a beige spool (8) with khaki (5) centre handle.
Further information at Pack Reel page