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Victorian State Emergency Service

The Victoria State Emergency Service plays a key role countering the effects of natural and technological emergencies. SES Victoria for many years has used the Ruslyn Cordwheel as a cable reel, rope reel and wire reel during emergency rescue and recovery work. Used throughout the State of Victoria the Ruslyn Cordwheel is an important piece of emergency services equipment. SES Victoria also use the optional mount bracket https://cordwheel.com/cordwheel-reel-accessories/ to enable the Ruslyn Cordwheel to be mounted on a building, motor vehicle or boat. The mount bracket enables the Ruslyn Cordwheel to be quickly accessed and neatly stored. The mount bracket is NATO codified (NSN) number 5341/661562603


cord wheel

Ruslyn Cordwheel Victorian SES user

cord wheel NSN 8130-66-161-2121cord wheel mount bracket NSN 5340-66-156-2603