Cordwheel Uses

Ruslyn Cordwheel®

The Ruslyn Cordwheel is a hand held, rugged, lightweight and ergonomic cable reel designed to handle cable, WT-1/TT (Don 10), cat cable, optical fibre cable, earth leakage cable, power cable, test cable, audio/visual cable, non destructive cables, divers hooker hose, EOD and mining cable, detonator cord, rope, fire Hose, NDT tape, barrier tape, air hose and BA hose

Click on a link below to read how the Ruslyn Cordwheel can be used in the following industries:

cord wheelcord wheel cord wheel yellow/redcord wheel cord wheel yellow/redcord wheel


cord wheel cord wheel yellow/red cord wheel yellow/red cord wheel yellow/redcord wheel

The Cordwheel is currently used by Cricket New South Wales, Sport and recreation Queensland, Surf Lifesaving New South Wales, Surf Lifesaving Western Australia and New South Wales Touch Football Association. These sporting organizations use the Cordwheel for deploying and retrieving cables and ropes.

cordwheel yellow/red

The Ruslyn Cordwheel is also suitable for use in many other fields including the following:

Audio/Video production, electronic equipment repair & overhaul, EMI/EMC/RFI testing, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD),
Police Bomb Squad, Police Swat Teams, Garrison support, Geological survey, Geophysics, Ground Support, Hospital Medical, Hydrographic Survey,
maintenance & repair, measurement & control systems, aerospace, navigation, oil & chemical spill, pyrotechnics, radar & tracking, recreation & sport, robotics, laboratories, marine, surveillance, telecommunications, test & measurement, search and rescue.


  • Signals cable WD-1/TT (Don 10): 350m (1148ft)
  • Cat cable: 175m (574ft)
  • Power cable: 30m (98ft)
  • Rope 10mm (3/8″): 50m (164ft)
  • Firing cable: 250m (820ft)
  • Detonator cord: 175m (574ft)
  • Shock tube: 400m (1312ft)
  • Air hose: 20m (65ft)
  • Fire hose (19 & 25mm): 30m (98ft)
  • Optical fibre cable: As Required
  • Audio / Visual cable: As Required
  • Barrier tape, NDT tape: As Required
  • Wire and chain: As Required

Further information can be found on the Product Specifications Overview page.