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Pack Reel®
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Pack Reel


The Ruslyn Pack Reel has been specifically designed for the dismounted soldier as a handheld lightweight but rugged small reel able to be carried during deployment.
This small reel was specifically designed in cooperation with defence to function as a:

  • hook & line reel Pack Reel
  • det cord reel
  • firing cable reel
  • comms cable reel
  • paracord reel
  • rope reel

The Ruslyn Pack Reel is used by army, navy, air force and special forces in:

  • IED/EOD operations
  • combat engineering
  • search
  • special operations
  • clearance diving
  • signals

The Pack Reel can be attached to webbing through webbing slots in the back of the spool or simply stored in a pack. Defence organizations around the world have been looking for a general purpose lightweight small reel for some time and the Ruslyn Pack Reel® meets all these requirements.
The Ruslyn Pack Reel is used worldwide. It is also used as an small anchor rope reel and has been exported worldwide.
The Ruslyn Pack Reel is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.

Emergency Services & Homeland Security

small reel

black Pack Reel

small reel

fluro Pack Reel

small reel

grey/blue Pack Reel

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NATO Pack Reel



mini reel

None Destructive Testing (NDT)

The Pack Reel is used by the None Destructive Testing industry for the handling of testing cables and barrier tape.
Pack Reel

Audio Visual

The black Pack Reel is used by the audio video industry for the handling of all types of AV cables.
Part number of the black Pack Reel® is AUS004754RPR-11
NATO Codified (NSN) 8130/661649356
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The Pack Reel is used extensively in the mining industry for handling all types of cables, tapes and cords.
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