Pack Reel Capacities


• HOOK & LINE – : 100m (328ft)
• FIRING CABLE (black and tan):
75m (246ft)
• DETONATOR CORD: 35m (115ft)
• COMMS CABLE – DON 10 (WD-1A/TT): 130m (426ft)
• CORD – 2mm: 335m (1099ft)
• CORD – 8mm: 20m (65ft)
• ROPE – 10mm: 12m (39ft)
• ANCHOR ROPE – as required

Pack Reel

NATO Pack Reel

Pack Reel

Black Pack Reel









The Ruslyn Pack Reel® has a uniquely designed to allow reels to be stacked together for cable management, transport and storage.

Pack Reel

The Pack Reel can be stacked together using a unique locating system