Reeling in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and Clearance Diving

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 Ruslyn Cordwheel

The Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel are both used in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), counter improvised explosive device (CIED) and clearance diving.
The Cordwheel is used as a detonator cord reel, firing cable reel, hook & line reel, comms cable reel, rope and cord reel where longer lengths are required.
Capacities for the Cordwheel may be viewed at and the Pack Reel at

Ruslyn Pack Reel

The Pack Reel is used to handle detonator cord, firing cable. comms cable, rope, cord and wire. The Pack Reel is small and lightweight and can be attached to soldiers webbing or to divers kit.
Both the Cordwheel and Pack Reel are used as clearance diving reels to handle divers safety line. Both reels are deployed around the world in EOD, CIED and clearance diving.

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Pack Reel used in search, clearance diving and EOD