TETAC Inc USA Cordwheel Shipment

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Ruslyn Cordwheel

TETAC Inc USA have a large shipment of black Ruslyn Cordwheel AUD004754-11 on the way to San Diego to supply their military and industrial clients.

TETAC Inc being Ruslyn Holdings USA distributor supply the cord reel to EOD/CIED, Army, Navy, USMC, Air Force and clearance divers. TETAC Inc have also been successful in supplying the black cord reel to the audio visual industry in Hollywood.

As well as military supply, TETAC Inc are also promoting the Ruslyn Pack Reel to the US kayak fishing industry. This small reel is absolutely ideal for use as a kayak small anchor rope reel to increase the safety of kayak fishermen who have a constant safety problem with tangled kayak anchor rope when their kayak accidentally turns over.

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Ruslyn Pack Reel

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USA cord reel and small reel distributors

TETAC Inc USA may be contacted at www.tetacinc.com
Tel: +1 855 838 2246