Cordwheel Overview


The Ruslyn Cordwheel is Australian designed and manufactured. It is used throughout Australia and exported worldwide. The Cordwheel is used by defence, homeland security, emergency services, diving, non destructive testing, mining, audio visual, broadcast, movie production, industry and many other fields. The Cordwheel is NATO codified and approved for use with Army, Navy and Air Force. The yellow/red Cordwheel is used in Surf Life Saving to handle ropes and cables, part number AUS004754-42.

NATO STOCK NUMBER (NSN) 8130/661533558 (green/black)
NATO STOCK NUMBER (NSN) 8130/661641770 (black)
NATO STOCK NUMBER (NSN) 8130/661612121 (yellow/red)

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Spool:Military Cordwheel

  • Polypropylene
  • Impact resistant
  • UV stabilised
  • Chemical resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Recyclable
  • RoHS Compliant

Centre Handle and Knob:cordwheel

  • ABS
  • Impact resistant
  • UV stabilised
  • Recyclable
  • RoHS Compliant

Intellectual Property

Registered Trade Mark 1020770Cordwheel yellow/red
Design Registration 302435
New Zealand Trade Mark 748463
USA Trade Mark 77009355
USA Design Registration 29/277,562
CCR registered (USA)
NECO vendor registered (USA)
FedTeDS vendor registered (USA)
GeBIZ Trading Partner (Singapore)

Part Numbers

AUS004754-61 green/black (defence) NATO stock number (NSN) 8130/661533558cordwheel
AUS004754-42 yellow/red (emergency services, surf life saving and industry) NATO stock number (NSN) 8130/661612121
AUS004754-11 black/black (audio visual and broadcast industries, police operations) NATO stock number (NSN) 8130/661641770
AUS004754BKT optional Cordwheel mount bracket – NATO stock number (NSN) 8130/661562603


Reel diameter 35.6cm (14 inch)
Reel width 10.9cm (4.3 inch)


Empty reel 785g (1.73 lb)
Packed carton (five reels) 5kg (11 lb)


Reel color determined by color code ordering – see colors page


Five reels per carton with operating instructions.

Some Identified Applications

Cable Management of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) cables and hook & line, detonator cord, firing cable (black & tan), AWG number 18 and lead in line, divers life line.

Cable management of communication and data cables including Don 10 cable, WD-1/TT cable, WD-1A/TT cable, WF-16/U cable, WF-8/G cable, Cat 5 cable, Cat 6 cable, Cat 7 cable, optical fibre cable.

Cable management of audio/visual cables including Belden 1304A, Belden 1305A, Belden 8412, Belden 1192A, Roadworx RW200120, Roadworx RW20SQ24, Belden 9259, Roadworx RW400122, Belden 1505F, Belden 1694F, Belden 1904A, Belden 1908A.

Cable management of power supply cables, compressed air hose, BA hose, fire hose, rope, barrier tape, NDT tape & rope, chain and wire, electrical sub station safety marking rope holders, test cables and safety ropes.


  • Signals cable WD-1/TT (Don 10): 350m (1148ft)
  • Cat cable: 175m (574ft)
  • Power cable: 30m (98ft)
  • Rope 10mm (3/8″): 50m (164ft)
  • Firing cable: 250m (820ft)
  • Detonator cord: 175m (574ft)
  • Shock tube: 400m (1312ft)
  • Air hose: 20m (65ft)
  • Fire hose (19 & 25mm): 30m (98ft)
  • Optical fibre cable: As Required
  • Audio / Visual cable: As Required
  • Barrier tape, NDT tape: As Required
  • Wire and chain: As Required



The Ruslyn Cordwheel® has a unique design which allows reels to be stacked together for cable management.
A custom made mount bracket is available for the Ruslyn Cordwheel® which is NATO codified (NSN) 5340/661562603. Part number AUS004754BKT
The bracket is custom manufactured using marine grade aluminium, is lightweight and extremely strong. It is supplied with 4 stainless mount screws enabling it to be fixed to vehicles, ships, planes and buildings.