Republic of Slovenia March 2024

A large shipment of Ruslyn Pack Reels has been sent to S-TMM Sistemi d.o.o. in the Republic of Slovenia.
S-TMM Sistemi d.o.o – Design and construction of RF systems to defense, security and industry.

Pack ReelPack ReelPack Reel

Hawaii February 2024

Pleased to visit Honolulu Bomb Squad. Last visit was pre covid in 2019.
Interesting discussions on usage of Ruslyn Cordwheel, Pack Reel and Hook & Line Reel.

Cordwheel, Pack Reel and Hook & Line Reel






2023 – An interesting year

The year 2023 was a most interesting year with supply of our Australian manufactured hand held reels to Italy, Sweden, USA, Canada, Japan, UK, France, NATO, Ukraine, Israel, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia and Australian users including Defence, Mining, Audio Video and many others. The reels supplied were the Cordwheel, Pack Reel and Hook & Line Reel.

BELSS Latvia September 2022

Ruslyn Holdings has delivered a quantity of black Cordwheels part number AUS004754-11 NATO Stock Number (NSN) 8130/661641770 to BELSS Latvia for use by one of their military clients.
This is the first delivery made to our Latvian distributor and hoping there will be many more.
BELSS contact details may be found on the distributor listing.



BELSS Latvia distributor November 2021

Proudly announcing BELSS Latvia has been appointed as a distributor of Ruslyn Holdings products in Europe.

BELSS is a wide-profile company, the largest defense communications integrator in Latvia, which has been operating since 1994. For more than twenty-five years, it has been providing innovative solutions to its customers, offering a full range of services from simple consulting to complex technical projects provided by specialists in their field. Belss is able to provide a wide range of engineering telecommunications solutions and services, satellite communications, design and construction of buildings and civil engineering works for both the military and civilian.BELSS works with top-level manufacturers from all over the world to ensure quality service. An individual approach is dedicated to each client and the most appropriate solution is selected. Belss is a member of such organizations as the Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia, the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Latvian Telecommunications Association. BELSS is the official representative of Motorola Solutions in Latvia with a Platinum certificate of Authorization. BELSS operation is certified according to AQAP 2110 and ISO 9001 standards.

Cordwheel - green/blackCordwheel - blackCordwheel - yellow/red
Pack Reel - beige/greenPack Reel - blackHook & Line Reel


Pack Reel fielded to US port security dive teams September 2021

The Ruslyn Pack Reel is currently fielding to US port security dive teams to support Hazardous Device Search missions.
Proudly supplied by US Distributor TETAC Inc.

Export to Poland June 2021

On June 24th 2021 a shipment of NATO Pack Reels was sent to Dark Systems in Warsaw Poland.
Dark Systems is a supplier of defence equipment to the Polish military.

NATO Pack Reel NATO Pack ReelNATO Pack Reel

Ruslyn Cordwheel supplied to SLS WA August 2019

Ruslyn Holdings is proud to announce that Surf Life Saving Western Australia are now using the Ruslyn Cordwheel in every surf life saving club on the west coast of Australia. SLS WA are using the Cordwheel to handle ropes and cables during beach activities

yellow/red Cordwheelyellow/red Cordwheel
yellow/red Cordwheel