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Ruslyn Cordwheel®
~ Reeling in Defence

NATO STOCK NUMBER ( NSN) 8130/661533558
NCAGE Code Z04V9
Part Number AUS004754-61 (green/black)

The Ruslyn Cordwheel® is a hand held, lightweight, rugged, ergonomic, multi-function cord wheel used by defence and homeland security for OH&S tangle free handling and storage of cables, optical fibre, detonator cord, firing cable, rope, tape, hose and wire. The Ruslyn Cordwheel is used in battlespace, communications, EOD/CIED, combat engineering, clearance diving, special opps, aerospace, rappelling and fire fighting. The Ruslyn Cordwheel is NATO Codified, proudly made in Australia, and exported worldwide.

cable wheelcord wheelcord wheelcord wheel
Ruslyn Cordwheel Capacity:

cord wheel

  • signals cable reel WD-1/TT (Don 10): 350m (1148ft)
  • cat cable reel, ethernet cable reel: 175m (574ft)
  • power cable reel: 30m (98ft)
  • rope reel 10mm (3/8″): 50m (164ft)
  • firing cable reel: 250m (820ft)
  • detonator cord reel: 175m (574ft)
  • air hose reel: 20m (65ft)
  • fire hose reel (19 & 25mm): 30m (98ft)
  • optical fibre cable reel: as required
  • audio / visual cable reel: as required
  • barrier tape reel, NDT tape reel: as required
  • wire and chain reel: as required

Further information can be found on the Product Specifications Overview page.


NATO STOCK NUMBER ( NSN) 8130/661596431
Part Number AUS004754RPR-85 (beige/green)

small reel

The Ruslyn Pack Reel® is designed to be carried by army, navy and air force dismounted personnel. These include combat engineers, search, EOD/CIED, sigs, special forces, clearance divers and aerospace personnel. This small reel is a rugged lightweight ergonomic device that can be operated by a gloved hand in any conditions to deploy hook and line, firing cable, detonator cord, comms cable, rope, wire and cord. The Ruslyn Pack Reel is a small reel used by the military and can be attached to a soldiers webbing or pack carried.
The Ruslyn Pack reel is extremely light and small with no metallic components. As a small reel it is rugged and able to be used with a gloved hand in sub zero temperatures. Used in many countries around the world the Ruslyn Pack Reel is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.


Ruslyn Pack Reel Capacity:

  • hook & line reel: 3.5mm: 100m (328’)
    small reel

    Black Pack Reel

    small reel

    NATO Pack Reel

  • firing cable reel (black and tan): 75m (246’)
  • detonator cord reel: 35m (115’)
  • communications cable reel – DON 10 (WD-1A/TT): 130m (426’)
  • cord reel: 8mm: 20m (65’)
  • rope reel – 10mm: 12m (39’)

Further information can be found on the Ruslyn Pack Reel page.