Cordwheel Accessories

Mount Bracket

NATO STOCK NUMBER (NSN) 5341/661562603

The cord wheel mount bracket is designed to easily mount the Cordwheel on a post, wall, boat or vehicle. It allows the cord wheel to be accessed quickly for deployment or retrieval of cable, rope hose and wire. The cord wheel mount bracket is manufactured with marine grade aluminium and is a valuable accessory for the Ruslyn Cordwheel.

cord wheel

Part Number: AUS004754BKT NATO Stock Number (NSN) 5340-66-156-2603

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Reel Pin

Stainless Steel

There is a specific hole located in the Ruslyn cord wheel to allow a pin to be fitted through the reel to hold the centre loop of a flat fire hose.
The pin allows a 25mm (1″) or 19mm (3/4″) flat fire hose to be wound onto the reel easily. By removing the pin a 25mm (1″) or 19mm (3/4″) flat fire can be deployed very quickly from the reel.

cord wheelcord wheel

Part Number: AUS004754PIN

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