VIPFISH OÜ – Estonia October 2022

Ruslyn Holdings has delivered a quantity of NATO Pack Reels number AUS004754RPR-85 NATO Stock Number (NSN) 8130/661596431 to VIPFISH OÜ – Estonia for use by the military.
VIPFISH OÜ is the distributor of our reels in Estonia.
We all hope that Estonia is staying safe with the onslaught on neighbour Ukrane by the invading Russians.

Estonia FlagEstonia Flag


Pack Reel with Dyneema Cord June 2022

TETAC Inc USA is currently listing the NATO Ruslyn Pack Reel fitted with 300ft (91.4m) 1/8″ (3.2mm) Dyneema Cord.
These will be offered to the US DoD.


EOD UK Donation to Ukraine EOD May 2022

Our distributor EOD UK in the United Kingdom has donated equipment including Ruslyn Reels to Ukraine EOD.
Every little thing has got to help Ukrainian defend itself.

United Kingdom Pack Reel February 2022

Ruslyn Pack Reels part number AUS004754RPR-11 NATO Stock Number (NSN) 8130/661649356 being used in the UK to store/ deploy specialist cable harnesses.
Exported to our UK distributor EOD UK located at
Great to see Australian manufactured products such as these being used around the world.

Pack Reel

NSW Touch Football Association Australia November 2021

NSW Touch Football Association are going to be using the Ruslyn Cordwheel to deploy and retrieve their new field boundary ropes.
These reels and ropes will be seen at the upcoming 2021 State Cup Tournament Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th of December 2021.