Hook & Line Reel® Uses


The Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel® is designed for use by explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) operators, police bomb and swat squads and by home security. It is designed to deploy and retrieve high strength Dyneema type cord. The Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel® is manufactured for stand-alone use or for inclusion in an EOD kit. This reel is supplied without cord.

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) hook and line kits are remote opening tools comprised of rigging kits, pulleys, clamps, poles, probes, mirrors, tools, etc. These kits are used by specially trained hazardous device technicians to remotely access and/or open suspect items, vehicles, or doors, and to perform render-safe procedures in EOD and IEDD operations.

Assessed and approved by the US National Tactical Officers Association [NTOA] for use by SWAT and bomb units.
Hook & Line Reel
Part number AUS004754RHLR-11
NATO Codified (NSN) 8130/661641146

The Hook & Line Reel has many other uses besides EOD in that it can deploy various types of cords and cables.