London Counter Terror Expo April 2014

EOD UK exhibited Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel on the Guartel Technologies stand at the London Counter Terror Expo held 29-30 April 2014.

cord wheel
cord wheel



EOD UK is our distributor in the UK.
Cliff Wright MIExpE
Tel: +44 (0)1634 581525
Mobile: +44 (0)7780 990062


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cord wheelcord wheel








GSA Schedule March 2014

The General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency of the United States Government, established in 1949 to help manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. The GSA supplies products and communications for U.S. government offices, provides transportation and office space to federal employees, and develops government-wide cost-minimizing policies, and other management tasks.

TETAC Incorporated located in San Diego California has applied to have the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel listed on the GSA Schedule. Once listed, the GSA Schedule will enable purchasing of the Cordwheel (cord reel) and Pack Reel (small reel) by government departments including the DoD, an easy process.
TETAC are currently meeting in Virginia with the EOD Equipment Review Board. The board consists of all 4 branches located at NAVTECHDIV. The Cordwheel and Pack Reel will be demonstrated to the Equipment Review Board. The Cordwheel (cord reel) will be demonstrated as a rugged hand held reel which can handle and store many types of cables, rope and wire. The cord reel will also be demonstrated as a large tactical pull line reel. This reel was developed in Australia to meet requirements of the Australian Defence Force and is used by Army, Navy and Air Force. The green cord reel is NATO codified NSN 8130/661533558. The black cord reel is used in AV and deep clearance diving. The yellow cord reel is used in any area where high visibility of equipment is required.
cord reelcord reelcord reel







The Pack Reel (small reel) is being demonstrated to the Equipment Review Board as a hand held lightweight rugged mini reel developed for the dismounted soldier. This small reel was developed in Australia to meet requirements for EOD/CIED, search, combat engineers, clearance divers and sigs. As a mini hand held reel it is currently used worldwide by Army, Navy and Air Force. The Pack Reel is used as a hook & line small reel in medium tactical pull line kits, as a detonator cord small reel, a firing cable small reel, a small rope reel and signals cable small reel.
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TETAC Incorporated may be contacted at:
2726 Shelter Island Drive,
#132 San Diego, CA 92106
Tel (855) 838-2246
TETAC Incorporated Cordwheel and Pack Reel product information

MCBH Visit February 2014

Mini Reel

NATO Pack Reel

Small Reel

Black Pack Reel







Visited the EOD team at US Marine Corps Base Hawaii to demonstrate the Ruslyn Pack Reel.
This mini EOD reel is used worldwide by EOD, search, combat engineers, special forces and clearance divers as a hook & line small reel, det cord small reel, firing cable small reel and many other uses where small lengths of coil able products are used.


EOD UK NATO Cordwheel shipment

cord reel

Ruslyn Cordwheel
NATO stock number (NSN)

EOD United Kingdom have a shipment of NATO Cord reels on order to supply the MOD. This shipment is traveling by sea freight and should arrive in the UK early March.
EOD UK supply both the Cordwheel and Pack Reel to EOD and CIED units within British Army, Navy and Air Force. The Cord reel is used as a comms reel, firing cable reel, det cord reel, rope reel and power supply cable reel. The Pack Reel is used as an army engineers small reel, search mini reel, EOD small reel, sigs small reel and as a clearance divers mini reel. This small reel is used for handling det cord, firing cable, hook and line as well as a small anchor rope reel.

small reel

Ruslyn Pack Reel
NATO stock number (NSN)


Police Department in Indiana USA

Ruslyn Pack ReelOctober 2011. We have received our first overseas order for the Ruslyn Pack Reel® from a Police Department in Indiana USA.
This Police Department will be using the Pack Reel® in their SWAT Team as a mini hook & line, firing cable mini reel, det cord mini reel and signals cable mini reel. Tool machining is on schedule and production of the Pack Reel® will commence within 3 weeks.
Another shipment of the Ruslyn Cordwheel® has just been delivered to the Australian Defence Department for distribution to Army, navy and Air Force where it is used for multiple purposes.
Further in formation is available at Uses page and Pack Reel page


Electrical Agencies in Tasmania – distributor of the Ruslyn Cordwheel

Ruslyn Cordwheel & Ruslyn Pack reelAugust 2011. Electrical Agencies in Tasmania have become the latest distributors of the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel. Electrical Agencies will be supplying the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel to Tasmanian Emergency Services, Energy Suppliers and Industry. We look forward to a rewarding association with this well respected company.

Trials of the Ruslyn Pack Reel have just been successfully completed by the Australian defence School of Signals. The School is sponsoring the NATO codification of this small reel which will consequently be put into service.

20 EOD Squadron out of Brisbane is using the Ruslyn Pack Reel in trials at Woomera South Australia. This little cable reel is proving to be a very useful piece of equipment for the soldier in the battlefield.

Ruslyn Pack Reel tooling production has commenced here in Sydney and will be completed within 6-8 weeks. Once completed and successfully tested, production will commence and stock distributed to all that have been waiting for this small cable reel. Enquiries have been received from USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Peru and Colombia.