Republic of Slovenia March 2024

A large shipment of Ruslyn Pack Reels has been sent to S-TMM Sistemi d.o.o. in the Republic of Slovenia.
S-TMM Sistemi d.o.o – Design and construction of RF systems to defense, security and industry.

Pack ReelPack ReelPack Reel

Hawaii February 2024

Pleased to visit Honolulu Bomb Squad. Last visit was pre covid in 2019.
Interesting discussions on usage of Ruslyn Cordwheel, Pack Reel and Hook & Line Reel.

Cordwheel, Pack Reel and Hook & Line Reel






2023 – An interesting year

The year 2023 was a most interesting year with supply of our Australian manufactured hand held reels to Italy, Sweden, USA, Canada, Japan, UK, France, NATO, Ukraine, Israel, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Slovenia and Australian users including Defence, Mining, Audio Video and many others. The reels supplied were the Cordwheel, Pack Reel and Hook & Line Reel.