Emergency Services


Ruslyn Cordwheel®
~ Reeling in Emergency Services and Rescue

Part Number AUS004754-42 (yellow/red) NSN 8130/661612121

The Cordwheel® is a hand held, lightweight, ergonomic, multi-function reel used in emergency services, rescue and homeland security for OH&S tangle free handling and storage of cable, rope, optical fiber, barrier tape, hose and wire used by state emergency Services (SES), police, fire & rescue, bomb disposal teams (EOD), SWAT teams, dive and mine rescue, non destructive testing (NDT).
The yellow/red Cordwheel is also used by surf life saving clubs for the handling of ropes and cables.

Surf Life Saving Cordwheel

Pack Reel Ruslyn Pack Reel®

Designed to be carried by dismounted personnel and is used by engineers, search, EOD/CIED, sigs, special forces, clearance divers and aerospace. The Ruslyn Pack Reel® is used throughout the world by army, navy and air force, is small, lightweight, rugged and ergonomic hand held. It has no metallic components. Currently used by defence units in Australia, NZ, US, Canada, UK, NATO, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, Romania, Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel.  The Pack Reel is used to deploy hook and line, firing cable, detonator cord, comms cable, rope, wire and cord. The Pack Reel can be attached to webbing or simply carried in a pack and is designed to be used with a gloved hand in sub zero temperatures. The Ruslyn Pack Reel® is also available in colour black. As well as its many uses by defence and industry, it is also used around the world in mining and as a marine anchor rope reel.

The Pack Reel® is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia and is NATO codified.
Colour beige/green part number AUS004754RPR-85 NATO stock number (NSN) 8130/661596431
Colour black part number is AUS004754RPR-11 NATO stock number (NSN) 8130/661649356
Other colours can be manufactured by special order but a minimum order quantity of 250 reels is required.

The Ruslyn Pack Reel® has been tested and recommended by the US National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)

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