Cordwheel NSN 8130/661612121

Ruslyn Cordwheel®
~ Reeling in Geophysics

Part Number AUS004754-54 (yellow/red)
NATO Stock Number (NSN) 8130/661612121

The Cordwheel is a hand held, lightweight, ergonomic,
multi function reel used in the geophysics industry for tangle free
management of cables, rope, safety tape, hose and wire.




The Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel are used during geophysics surveys where rugged and easy to use hand held reels are required for tangle free ergonomic cable handling.

cord wheel


Cordwheel NSN 8130/661612121 Pack Reel NSN 8130/661596431


In the geophysics industry the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Pack Reel allow tangle free cable handling of instrument cables. These lightweight rugged hand held ergonomic reels are easy to use and deployed as geophysics industry reels around the world.







Cordwheel NSN 8130/661612121Cordwheel NSN 8130/661641770Cordwheel NSN 8130/661533558Pack Reel NSN 8130/661596431Pack Reel NSN 8130/661649356

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