Reeling in Mine Rescue

cord wheel

Ruslyn Cordwheel

The Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel are both used in the mining industry. The Cordwheel is used FOR HANDLING BA hose, rope, cable, communication cable, wire, power cables, barrier tape and barrier rope. flagit tape, survey rope and thermometer blast hole temperature probes. The Cordwheel is a lightweight ergonomic hand held reel which is impact resistant and UV stabilized. The Cordwheel is also positive buoyant and NATO codified. Available in NATO green/black, yellow/red and fluro green.

NATO reel part number AUS004754-61 NATO Codified (NSN) 8130/661533558 colour green/black
Black reel part number AUS004754-11 NATO Codified (NSN) 8130/661641770
Yellow reel part number AUS004754-42 NATO Codified (NSN) 8130/661612121
Fluro green/black reel part number AUS004754-MTI – NOT NATO Codified
More information available on the specifications page

Ruslyn Pack Reel

The Ruslyn Pack Reel is a small lightweight rugged reel. It is impact resistant and UV stabilized. The Pack Reel is used in mining to handle rope, communications cable, detonator cord and firing cable. The Ruslyn Pack Reel may be attached to mine rescue equipment and available in NATO colour, black and fluro green. Other colors are available as special orders.

small reelsmall reelsmall reel
NATO reel part number AUS004754RPR-85 NATO codified 8130/661596431 colour beige/green
Black reel part number AUS004754RPR-11 NATO codified 8130/661649356
Fluro green part number AUS004754-MTI – NOT NATO codified
More information available on the Pack Reel page