Reeling in Diver Rescue

Ruslyn Cordwheel & Ruslyn Pack Reel in Diver Rescue

cord wheel

The Ruslyn Cordwheel is used as a hooker hose reel, diver life line reel and underwater communication cable reel. The cord wheel is also used to deploy firing cable for underwater demolitions. This lightweight rugged cord wheel is positive buoyant, UV resistant and is very easy to handle both on land and under water. The Ruslyn Cordwheel is also used to deploy power supply cable reel during diver rescue.

The Ruslyn Pack Reel is a lightweight small reel perfectly suited for use in diver rescue. It is used as a small anchor rope reel, small communication cable reel and diver tether rope reel. The Ruslyn Pack Reel is easily attached to dive gear and is positive buoyant. This small reel has no metallic components and is UV resistant. Perfect for use in clearance diving.

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Both the Ruslyn cord wheel and the Ruslyn Pack Reel are exported around the world for use in diver rescue and by clearance diving.
Manufactured in Australia, the Ruslyn Cordwheel and Ruslyn Pack Reel are high quality, rugged and lightweight hand held reels.