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The Ruslyn Cordwheel, Pack Reel and Hook & Line Reel in the Aerospace Industry

The Ruslyn Cordwheel NATO stock number (NSN) 8130/661533558 has been used in the aerospace industry for over 10 years. It is used by the Royal Australian Air Force OH&S handling of BA hose when servicing fighter aircraft. It is also used as a test cable cord reel and earth leakage cord reel. RAAF Military Police use the Ruslyn Cordwheel as a barrier chain cord reel and barrier tape cord reel. It is also used as a comms cable cord reel and cat cable cord reel when setting up temporary airfields during military excersizes. ADSL cable is also handled by the Ruslyn Cordwheel.
Boeing and other aircraft companies use the Ruslyn Cordwheel during non destructive component testing. As an air hose cord reel it solves problems in handling hoses and is also regularly used as a power cable cord reel. Available as a NATO cord reel, black cord reel and yellow cord reel.

The Ruslyn Pack Reel is also used in the aerospace industry as a small reel to handle shorter lengths of cable, cord and wire. The Pack Reel is proven in EOD as a lightweight rugged hook & line reel, det cord reel and firing cable reel. It is used for handling shorter lengths of comms cable and cat cable. The Ruslyn Pack Reel NATO stock number (NSN)  is 8130/661596431. The Pack Reel is available as a NATO small cabreel and black small reel.

The Ruslyn Hook & Line Reel is used where small cables and cords are deployed and retrieved in the aerospace industry.
The Hook & Line Reel is rugged and lightweight. NATO stock number (NSN) 8130/661641146

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