Reeling in Rappelling


The Ruslyn Cordwheel is a rugged and lightweight hand held rappelling rope reel. This cord wheel is used for deployment,  retrieval and storage of rappelling rope. It is also used as a rope tie down reel. The Ruslyn Cordwheel is available in NATO green/black codified with NATO Codification NSN 8130/661533558 part number AUS004754-61. The Ruslyn Cordwheel is also available in black – part number AUS004754-11, used by police SWAT teams and is an approved product with the United States Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). The yellow/red reel part number AUS004754-42 is used as an emergency services reel. The Ruslyn Cordwheel is easily stowed in aircraft, vehicle or boat and is exported around the world.

The Ruslyn Pack Reel is a small lightweight hand held reel also used in rappelling as a hook & line reel, detonator cord reel, firing cable reel, comms cable reel and paracord reel. The Pack Reel can be attached to webbing or carried in a pack. Part number for the NATO Pack Reel is AUS004754RPR-85 and is NATO Codified with NSN 8130/661596431. Also available in black – part number AUS004754RPR-11.

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